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CuddyCom Security protects your IT and Industrial control systems. CuddyCom Security offer cyber security consultancy services and software products.



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Developer Coaching - Software, Hardware and Cloud Security for Developer Teams

A 20-year-old security flaw is really old. But imagine if your software, hardware, protocol or cloud would only have the old ones left? Your company would have had 20 years to grow and become the trusted partner. Why not make your company’s future today? Hire our security coach in your developer team.

Small development teams and high speed of development are the trends of today.
The consumers, consumer businesses and manufacturing industry have become more aware of cyber security threats. The services and products are required to meet a mounting set of security requirements and
comply with data protection regulation.

The solution is to have knowledgeable development team that can avoid design flaws, test the code, device and infrastructure. A team that can include secure development practices in the development practices and out-wit the hackers be your team a bunch of devops or building embedded devices.

The errors are cheapest to fix when those haven’t become errors yet. Become a We Mean Business! company. Hire our security coach in your development team.