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CuddyCom Security protects your IT and Industrial control systems. CuddyCom Security offer cyber security consultancy services and software products.



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Cloud Security

Public and private cloud is just somebody’s data center where the cloud technologies are used to get the most out of computing resources. Public and private cloud offer great opportunity to build efficiently data center based services without the need to build the data center. What is the difference compared with security of traditional server hosting? The difference is cloud security and how the work share between service provider and service byer may change. CuddyCom Security helps you in the path of adopting cloud technologies

Those days are gone when getting just the physical servers in a data center took weeks. Now you can get the servers and your delivery tools in an instant. 

Back in the days service byers outsourced their own capabilities and know-how.  Now, the tide has turned, bringing the need to have know-how and capable hands within your own organisation on how to manage the cloud security. New ways of implementing infrastructre security has emerged.

CuddyCom Security helps you to establish technical security services and procedures needed in the Cloud Age and manage your agile teams and partners in your virtual server room.