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Data Protection - How to Market and Get Away with It?

EU general data protection regulation (GDPR), ePrivacy directive, marketing and tracking consent, data protection ombudsman, binding corporate rules (BCR),...what does all of this have to do with running your business, your system architectures, your machine learning and security? CuddyCom Security help you to do your sales and marketing and manage your personnels personal data and get away with it. Let’s talk!

Does GDPR feel important but somewhat difficult subject to approach in practice? Companies and public sector organisations have so far handled personal data of their employees and customers and sales and marketing activities and 
public services have been carried out. What changes?

Personal data and health data have become a commodity of smart society. The society member has right to see transparently how data about the individual is being collected and handled. The Personal Data has become portable.
The business and public organisations have been set to prove themselves on secure and transparent handling of personally identifiable data. Be the data part of home IoT devices and cloud service, embedded meter of a health technology or HR or cloud based marketing automation system. CuddyCom Security helps you to get best out of your data, respond to data breach in 72 hours and manage your partners in data protection.