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CuddyCom Security protects your IT and Industrial control systems. CuddyCom Security offer cyber security consultancy services and software products.



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Penetration Testing - Have you ever wondered how your services or products look like in the eyes of the others?

Penetration testing, whitehat hacking, technical security assessment.....the child bears many names. Wouldn’t you like to be sure that your service or product cannot be used to other purposes or ways than intented? CuddyCom Security is your neutral 3rd party to prove your security to others. Engage us now.

It is fair to say that everybody likes to avoid problems before things become problems. But  the CuddyCom Security Services’ techical security assessment is
the best way to show that a neutral and professional 3rd  
party has verified the security ofyour product or service.

Engage the easy to access technical security assessment! You can choose from the following point of views: How does my service look like from the perspective of cyber criminals? Or how can I communicate my development security practices to my customers?  CuddyCom Security Services use industry best practices to support your, e.g. through assessing compliance with ISO27001 controls or OWASP ASVS 3.0 software security verification.